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The Upper Mountain region of California’s Squaw Valley Ski Resort have always been among the most popular for visitors who are looking to ski and enjoy Squaw Valley’s slopes from the very top of the mountain to the bottom. A recent rainstorm has caused a problem for the resort as four wells providing water for destinations including Gold Coast and High Camp were inundated with contaminated water, which pushed E.Coli and Coliform into the wells that were immediately removed from the resort water supply when a routine test of the well water showed traces of these bacteria had become present.


Squaw Valley officials quickly notified the Environmental Health Department of Placer County and Squaw Valley District officials who came together to assist in removing these dangerous contaminants from this isolated portion of the water supply. Throughout the history of Squaw Valley independent water experts have often been called in to make sure all water supplies are safe, the discovery of the contamination was treated no differently with independent experts offering their assistance in a bid by Squaw Valley to solve the water quality problem as quickly as possible.


All visitors to the ski resort can feel safe and confident in the fact they have no chance of coming into contact with any contaminated water as the four affected wells have been removed from service until the bacteria is completely removed from the system. Success is being achieved with the Upper Mountain water supply as Wesley Nicks of Placer County Environmental Health has revealed E.Coli is no longer present in three of the affected wells, Coliform levels are also falling as the treatment options implemented have proven successful.


As always, the safety of all visitors to Squaw Valley remains the priority for resort officials who have pledged to continue to offer complimentary bottled water to guests until the Upper Mountain supply is returned to normal. Quite rightly Squaw Valley officials are pleased with the fact no health issues have been linked to the contamination of the four wells and will maintain this record by keeping Upper Mountain restaurants closed until the water supply is returned to its previous safe quality level.

Todd Lubar got into the Real Estate industry in 1995. He has since gained a vast knowledge in the business through developing a desire to help future entrepreneurs. Mr. Lubar spent a significant portion of his time developing relationships with the help of financial planners and insurance agents. His first employment saw him work with Crestar Mortgage Company where he played the role of a financial advisor.

Mr. Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group in 1991. The company assisted him to expand his lending abilities as a broker credit skills to outside investors. The establishment of real estate mortgage helped in the rapid growth of selling and purchase of properties. Mr. Lubar earned huge profits from very few transactions. He later decided to focus his real estate plan by starting Legendary Properties LLC. The company grew to focus on residential real estate development.

Todd Lubar decided to focus intensely in real estate in the year 1995. He was highly passionate about helping people in the industry and decided to make real estate a full-time career in 1997. Four years later, he acquired equity position with Legacy Finance. The success did not get him to stop there. In 2002, he took his real estate interest a little higher with the Legendary Properties. Throughout his career life, Mr. Lubar has developed solid business relationships. He has networked with influential people in the industries. The result was that he was able to establish multiple lines of credit that made him incredibly wealthy. In one instance, he borrowed credit that went as high as twenty million dollars.

Mr. Lubar founded Charter Funding in 2003. The company was registered as a branch of Magnus Financial Group. The move gave him a chance to get funds from several establishments and institutions. Magnus was among the top privately operated mortgage companies within the United States. Apart from real estate mortgage, Lubar ventured into other businesses. He took advantage of the time that the mortgage sector experienced a shortage in loan acquisitions. He invested in other areas such as recycling of scrap metal and commercial demolition in 2007.

For more info, visit Todd Lubar’s Linked In page and website at toddlubar.com.

Other source: https://about.me/todd_lubar

Hire Counsel Karl Heideck

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People who are interested in legal careers often gravitate to jobs as litigators. Litigation attorneys are frequently seen in courtrooms. They handle all different varieties of lawsuits. They work alongside defendants and plaintiffs. They tackle all types of aspects of the litigation realm. Examples of these are pre-trials, investigations, appeals, settlements and pleadings. People who are fascinated by any of these subjects frequently turn to enriching careers as litigation lawyers. There are many benefits associated with jobs as litigators. If you’re someone who loves the atmosphere of a courtroom, you may be suited for a job as a litigation attorney. If you’re someone who likes the idea of looking for witnesses, you may be suited for this kind of job as well.

Litigation careers tend to be suitable for individuals who prefer to work on their own. These careers also, however, call for considerable social and communication skills. If you want to thrive as a professional litigation attorney, you should be able to communicate well with other people. You should be able to get your points across in clear and concise manners, too. Litigation jobs are ideal for individuals who are enthusiastic about the legal field. They’re also optimal for people who revel in assisting others.

Karl Heideck is a standout professional who is part of the litigation field. He knows a lot about all aspects that related to litigation. He also knows a lot about risk management and compliance matters. Heideck lives and works in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

Karl Heideck has been working as a contract attorney since the spring of 2015. He’s an alumnus of both Swarthmore College and Temple University. Both of these institutions are highly respected Pennsylvania schools. Karl Heideck helps his clients with a vast assortment of relevant topics. These topics include civil litigation, trials, commercial litigation, appeals, intellectual property, mediation, product liability, legal writing and employment law. Clients who want to know more about any of these subjects can always turn to Karl Heideck for his in-depth expertise. Karl Heideck is an assiduous attorney who always goes above and beyond to accommodate his clients’ specific needs and requests.

Karl Heideck (@karl_heideck) knows the ins and outs of the courtroom setting. Clients who want comprehensive hire counsel assistance can always rely on his expertise. They can always depend on his numerous skills, too. Karl Heideck is active on various extremely popular social networking platforms including Google Plus.

It is important for homeowners and those in business to be comfortable. It is for healthy living and also for workers to live comfortably. Companies and homeowners can take advantage of Goettl Air Conditioning. The firm has been in the field for many decades and has a broad range of experience. They are dedicated to ensuring customers can live comfortable lives.


Among the services, the company offers to include air cleaners, heat pumps, furnaces, central air units, radiant heating systems, humidifiers and UV germicidal lights. They provide services for twenty-four hours to ensure customers can enjoy the services. They also sell and repair ACS to their clients. Some regions can be uncomfortable during summer because of high temperatures during the day. If you live in such a place, then you can benefit from Goettl. It offers a broad range of air conditioners for home use and commercial purposes.


The company offers first class air conditioners. As a result, they are efficient, and breakdown is minimal. Also, the company relies on skilled technicians. The technicians are experienced; hence they can solve all problems related to your systems. If you have equipment that is obsolete, then you need not worry because the technicians will handle that. They can replace the air conditioners with ultra-modern types for your home needs.


Having air conditioning during summer is important. Meanwhile, heating systems are essential during winter. With Goettl, all problems you have are solved because of up to date heating systems. The heating systems can be customized to suit your needs. The skilled technicians will first contact a study to know the amount of warming that your home needs before they can commence their work. If you contact Goettl, you will get services that will improve the quality of air in your house. It is significant because it will help you and your family to avoid contaminated air. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning today for their best services.

The impact of the Internet can be felt in all corners of the business world. The Internet has changed the way almost every aspect of the business world is handled. The use of the Internet and related technology has allowed people to use the Internet to accomplish tasks that once required people to physically go to locations to complete the tasks. The Internet has helped to change the world into a digital world.


As a digital world, people use the Internet for almost anything. One of the things that has become common for people to use the Internet to accomplish is to listen and view various shows. What was once only done by television can now be easily done on the Internet.


The Internet gives people the ability to view and listen to live events, news, and shows. The broadcast industry has noticed the popularity of the Internet and has provided people with the option of viewing shows on the Internet. Many people watch shows on the Internet instead of on television. While there are a variety of ways to view and listen to shows on the Internet, a popular way that people have started to enjoy listening to shows on the Internet using is the podcast. People can either download podcasts to listen to whenever they desire, or they can listen to podcasts online.


PodcastOne is the leading podcast network. The company has many networks that operate under its network umbrella. The company recently announced that it plans to bring a new type of show to its network in the near future. The name of the show is Beyond The Darkness.


The show is about topics that weekly guests will discuss such as ghosts, angels, and demons. Beyond The Darkness will be shown Mondays on the Chris Jericho network. The show can be seen on iTunes, podcast.com, and podcast app.


Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. A broadcast professional who has made a name for himself inside and outside the broadcast industry, Norman Pattiz has been successful at every stop in his professional career. Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which is one of the most powerful companies in the radio industry.


During his career, Norman Pattiz has received many honors. He is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he has been appointed to high ranking positions by two presidents of the United States.

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Norman Pattiz

The controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium, Bruce Levenson is heading to a Fulton County Court to lead a claim against the New Hampshire based insurance giant, AIG. Levenson’s legal team is arguing breach of contract and insurance bad faith against AIG after the insurance company refused to complete a claim made over the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry, the attorney’s acting on behalf of Bruce Levenson argue AIG had already agreed to make a payout based on a constructive dismissal clause in the policy held by Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment.

The current ownership of the Hawks have already explained they are not affected by the court case as Danny Ferry’s $18 million contract was terminated in the Time prior to the sale of the franchise being announced. Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members are looking to the court case in their bid to end a case that has seen AIG refuse to communicate with the former owners of the Hawks after the sale of the historic NBA franchise was completed; the failure of the insurance company to communicate with the consortium or acknowledge the claim was even made has prompted an insurance bad faith claim Bruce Levenson, http://brucelevenson.com/, hopes will result in a financial victory for the consortium and a major penalty levied against AIG.

After leaving the NBA, where Bruce Levenson was a member of the Board of Governors, the co-founder of the United Communications Group has been an active member of many philanthropic causes. Levenson has made an impression in the fight against bigotry of all kinds after working alongside his wife, Karen to chair the Kennedy Center for the Arts Concert Against Hate, which benefited the Anti-Defamation League.


InnovaCare Health runs its healthcare procedures in Puerto Rico Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc (PMC). It I one of the quickest growing companies in the area of healthcare services. The system of Innovacare Health is managed by more than 7,500 providers and membership consists of more than 200,000 people. Delivering magnificent health care to the members is what the company is devoted to doing. This is done by creating sustainable models which are of benefit, innovative and completely unified with enhanced technologies.

In this current era there is always a difficult health care environment, therefore the main aim of the InnovaCare is to modernize healthcare administration so that they can deal with such circumstances. Furthermore, the company has certain principles that they adhere to. These principles include; patients are their first priority, excellent medical care is their goal, the association of patients and the people attending to them is stable, further medical networks and roles and lastly growth of the company that requires qualified leadership on Yahoo.

The company’s CEO is Richard Shinto who is also the president of the firm. Prior to InnovaCare, Dr.Shinto was a member of the management team of Aveta Inc from the year 2008 to 2012. At Aveta he served as the CEO as well as the President of the firm. Another related company that he worked in was NAMM California where he was appointed Chief Medical Officer. Dr.Shinto has an experience of more than 20 years in working and clinical healthcare on danielstraus.org. He earned a B.S from California University as well as an MBA from the University of Redlands. Apart from being an expert in the medical industry, Richard Shinto is also an author of several books on healthcare medicine.

One of the new members of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She has in fact rejoined the company since she was part of the company sometimes back. She is now appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization. She was also at Aveta Inc as the Chief Operating Officer and in InnovaCare she served as the Chief Operating Officer. Like Richard Shinto she has an experience of over 20 years in the industry. Furthermore, she has been an administrator Centerlight Health Care where her job was to be in charge of handling strategic direction of the care position. Her achievements in the university include a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and a master’s degree from New York University in Social work.

Currently InnovaCare has associated itself with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) that was launched by HHS for the purpose of enhancing the payment approaches. Richard Shinto trusts that the collaboration will assist boost the organization to a better level.

Brian Boner is one of the new age entrepreneurs who has made his legacy within a short period. He is mostly famous as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp. Effective, Bold and Empathetic in nature, Brian has an intensive expertise in multiple fortes including but not limiting to procurement, design development, in site and building design, land use approvals, contract administration and many more.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and also a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. His academic background along with a Ph.D. has developed a strong technical expertise in him which Brian has been using throughout his life and excelled in different sectors including but not limiting to retail, commercial, housing, aviation, and K-12 education projects. Brian started his career as Procurement Manager in IBM in 1969, and he worked here for next 16 years.

While working here, he built a strong network and relationship with hardware suppliers in from the different area. After this, he joined QMS as Director of Engineering in 1985 and managed some projects while leading more than 100 software and hardware development engineers. Later on, he assumed the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation where he was responsible for sales of printing technology on a global scale. Brian worked with Rastek Corporation between 1989 and 1993, and in 1994 he started his first entrepreneurship venture with Bezier Systems. This was the first company to introduce SCSI based printer and he served here as its Founder and CEO for years.

However, after this venture, he joined ITEC Imaging Technologies as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1995 and continued to sell printers and maintaining a strong network with major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers till 1999. Then he assumed his position as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services through which he has been helping different businesses with his intuitive sales and management strategy.

In 2006, Brian founded AMS Outsourcing, a logistic firm based in San Diego where he served as Founder and Managing Member since 2013. Meanwhile, he was also involved with Trucept as its Chairman and CEO and helping other businesses with temporary staffing and insurance products and services. He also served as the President at Allegiant Professional Business Services from 2008 to 2010.

While working in different key positions in different organizations, Brian has developed a strong technical base and a keen passion for designing process. With his strong interpersonal, sales and creativity skills, he continues to guide and assist different project stakeholders through complex processes and projects. He is currently living in San Diego with his family and loves to spend time in outdoor activities such as boating and golfing.

There are usually plenty of fast food chains around big cities. They can be close as a mile to each other. Some of the more popular fast food chains have lines going out of the door, but have you ever heard of a salad chain that has lines running out the main doors? It can be uncommon for salad chains to exist in general, but one that is filling up, well that sounds absurd.


Well you better believe it. There is this new salad chain called Sweetgreens that people will wait for a long time in a line just to experience the quality ingredients. It is becoming one of the more popular lunch stops. People with the app can cut some of the line. The reasons behind the success of this salad chain is the fresh ingredients and reasonable prices. Healthy chains can often be expensive because all of the ingredients are fresh, but that is not the case for Sweetgreens. The price will come out to be relatively the same as any other fast food chain.


The chain all started with one location in Washington D.C. back in 2007. Now it is operating in forty cities across the United States and is still growing. Forbes reported that several popular fast food chains and restaurants would want to mirror Sweetgreens if they could start over again. The service is also great at Sweetgreens which makes it that much more successful.


The time and location of opening another restaurant is very important to the success of a business. Owner Nathaniel Ru opened his first location on 28th street and there was a reason behind the move. He decided to open up shop away from all the other fast food chains on 23rd street where big technology companies sit. There are also locations open in Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. The big idea is convenience. Ru doesn’t want to witness just the lunch rush, but the dinner and weekend rush as well.


Nathaniel Ru and his college buddies decided to open up a salad chain just three months after the graduated from Georgetown University’s undergraduate business school (back in 2007). Nearly ten years later they have 64 locations open for business. The company has employed nearly 2000 people. Ru has combined technology (Sweetgreen app) and soothing music to attract more customers. They got the idea from not having a lot of lunch options back in college.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to serve and connect. The company’s video visitation application is a way the company has achieved this. The program connects friends and families through an easier and more convenient way. The Vice President of Securus Technologies recently noted how far the company has come to enrich the lives of inmates and their families. Friends and families that wanted to see their loved ones will especially benefit from the visit. It brings lots of mobility between consumers who are not familiar with the general rules and rigidity in correction facilities. Through the company, video visitation has become highly convenient for everyone.


Even though one has to pay a small price to use the program, I find that the payable amount is extremely affordable. I was able to use the program once to communicate with a friend in a correction facility. I was able to them and foster a proper relationship. He has since left the correction facility, and our friendship remains stronger than ever. The video calls we made at the time he was in prison served as a way to foster a great relationship. It was sometimes in the form of quick video calls and other times long ones. Securus made communication easier, efficient and much faster.


Securus Technologies is the mastermind of the video visitation program. It is a company that has its offices in Dallas, Texas. The visitation program is not the company’s single product. It avails other services such as technology and communications in correction facilities. Through the company’s leadership, it has continued to experience growth and helped families maintain a healthy relationship. Among other inventions by the firm is the Investigator Pro 4.0. The software has changed investigations in correction facilities in a big way. Even though the company can be credited with various inventions, the visitation program has been the noblest one as it has improved the daily lives of families.


According to the company CEO, Richard Smith, Securus Technologies has investment a total of $32 million to make communication possible in correction facilities. The amount was used to install devices for communication. It comes in the form of a multi-purpose touch screen device. He stated that the company understands the future of all communication. It ought to be safer and a more efficient way to connect with families. Several families have benefited with the video visitation program. One has to sign up at the company’s website to use the program.