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Brian Boner is one of the new age entrepreneurs who has made his legacy within a short period. He is mostly famous as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp. Effective, Bold and Empathetic in nature, Brian has an intensive expertise in multiple fortes including but not limiting to procurement, design development, in site and building design, land use approvals, contract administration and many more.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and also a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. His academic background along with a Ph.D. has developed a strong technical expertise in him which Brian has been using throughout his life and excelled in different sectors including but not limiting to retail, commercial, housing, aviation, and K-12 education projects. Brian started his career as Procurement Manager in IBM in 1969, and he worked here for next 16 years.

While working here, he built a strong network and relationship with hardware suppliers in from the different area. After this, he joined QMS as Director of Engineering in 1985 and managed some projects while leading more than 100 software and hardware development engineers. Later on, he assumed the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation where he was responsible for sales of printing technology on a global scale. Brian worked with Rastek Corporation between 1989 and 1993, and in 1994 he started his first entrepreneurship venture with Bezier Systems. This was the first company to introduce SCSI based printer and he served here as its Founder and CEO for years.

However, after this venture, he joined ITEC Imaging Technologies as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1995 and continued to sell printers and maintaining a strong network with major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers till 1999. Then he assumed his position as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services through which he has been helping different businesses with his intuitive sales and management strategy.

In 2006, Brian founded AMS Outsourcing, a logistic firm based in San Diego where he served as Founder and Managing Member since 2013. Meanwhile, he was also involved with Trucept as its Chairman and CEO and helping other businesses with temporary staffing and insurance products and services. He also served as the President at Allegiant Professional Business Services from 2008 to 2010.

While working in different key positions in different organizations, Brian has developed a strong technical base and a keen passion for designing process. With his strong interpersonal, sales and creativity skills, he continues to guide and assist different project stakeholders through complex processes and projects. He is currently living in San Diego with his family and loves to spend time in outdoor activities such as boating and golfing.

There are usually plenty of fast food chains around big cities. They can be close as a mile to each other. Some of the more popular fast food chains have lines going out of the door, but have you ever heard of a salad chain that has lines running out the main doors? It can be uncommon for salad chains to exist in general, but one that is filling up, well that sounds absurd.


Well you better believe it. There is this new salad chain called Sweetgreens that people will wait for a long time in a line just to experience the quality ingredients. It is becoming one of the more popular lunch stops. People with the app can cut some of the line. The reasons behind the success of this salad chain is the fresh ingredients and reasonable prices. Healthy chains can often be expensive because all of the ingredients are fresh, but that is not the case for Sweetgreens. The price will come out to be relatively the same as any other fast food chain.


The chain all started with one location in Washington D.C. back in 2007. Now it is operating in forty cities across the United States and is still growing. Forbes reported that several popular fast food chains and restaurants would want to mirror Sweetgreens if they could start over again. The service is also great at Sweetgreens which makes it that much more successful.


The time and location of opening another restaurant is very important to the success of a business. Owner Nathaniel Ru opened his first location on 28th street and there was a reason behind the move. He decided to open up shop away from all the other fast food chains on 23rd street where big technology companies sit. There are also locations open in Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. The big idea is convenience. Ru doesn’t want to witness just the lunch rush, but the dinner and weekend rush as well.


Nathaniel Ru and his college buddies decided to open up a salad chain just three months after the graduated from Georgetown University’s undergraduate business school (back in 2007). Nearly ten years later they have 64 locations open for business. The company has employed nearly 2000 people. Ru has combined technology (Sweetgreen app) and soothing music to attract more customers. They got the idea from not having a lot of lunch options back in college.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to serve and connect. The company’s video visitation application is a way the company has achieved this. The program connects friends and families through an easier and more convenient way. The Vice President of Securus Technologies recently noted how far the company has come to enrich the lives of inmates and their families. Friends and families that wanted to see their loved ones will especially benefit from the visit. It brings lots of mobility between consumers who are not familiar with the general rules and rigidity in correction facilities. Through the company, video visitation has become highly convenient for everyone.


Even though one has to pay a small price to use the program, I find that the payable amount is extremely affordable. I was able to use the program once to communicate with a friend in a correction facility. I was able to them and foster a proper relationship. He has since left the correction facility, and our friendship remains stronger than ever. The video calls we made at the time he was in prison served as a way to foster a great relationship. It was sometimes in the form of quick video calls and other times long ones. Securus made communication easier, efficient and much faster.


Securus Technologies is the mastermind of the video visitation program. It is a company that has its offices in Dallas, Texas. The visitation program is not the company’s single product. It avails other services such as technology and communications in correction facilities. Through the company’s leadership, it has continued to experience growth and helped families maintain a healthy relationship. Among other inventions by the firm is the Investigator Pro 4.0. The software has changed investigations in correction facilities in a big way. Even though the company can be credited with various inventions, the visitation program has been the noblest one as it has improved the daily lives of families.


According to the company CEO, Richard Smith, Securus Technologies has investment a total of $32 million to make communication possible in correction facilities. The amount was used to install devices for communication. It comes in the form of a multi-purpose touch screen device. He stated that the company understands the future of all communication. It ought to be safer and a more efficient way to connect with families. Several families have benefited with the video visitation program. One has to sign up at the company’s website to use the program.



Lung Institute is a holistic medical facility that aims at providing solutions to chronic lung diseases. Our various medical personnel gained global recognition in successful application of revolutionary stem cell therapy for chronic lung disease treatment. Lung diseases are devastating because they inhibit people from enjoying their favorite activities or spending time with family. At our facility, we do stem cell transplants using autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of damaged tissues of the lungs.

Patients undergo series of screening to establish a proper treatment option for them. Proficient doctors at the Institute study medical history of patients and consider their present conditions so that best treatment results are achieved. Stem cell therapy involves withdrawal of stem cells from the patient’s body. We reintroduce the stem cells into the body where they ultimately rest in the lungs hasten healing, and prevent Inflammation. More information available on lunginstitute.com,

The Lung Institute doctor, Jack Coleman, Jr., presented at the Third International Congress in Italy. The PR Web sponsored event was held to discuss the application of stem cells as a therapy for chronic lung infections. Dr. Coleman affirmed that traditional processes of introducing new medications are expensive and limiting to new technologies like stem cell therapy. Although technologies such as stem cell therapy are better treatment methods in the contemporary medical field, the process of making it available to patients is slow and cumbersome. The modern way of introducing new technologies in the medical field increases the time taken by new techniques to be used for the treatment of infections. https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/lung-institute

Since stem cell therapy uses natural healing abilities of the stem cells, hence, the treatment is holistic. Sufferers of chronic lung diseases are unable to enjoy their favorite activities because they are weak. After treatment, their lives would be elevated, hence, they would not need to walk around with oxygen. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also used together with stem cell therapy to reduce inflammation in the lung region. At the institute, we do stem cell therapy to the outpatients to improve the quality of their lives. There are plenty of medication options available for you and if you want quality treatment, please contact patient coordinators today and schedule a free consultation. You can also visit us on our website at lunginstitute.com.

Cotemar is a leading offshore service provider in the oil and gas industry. Based in Mexico since 1979, Cotemar has expert experience in petroleum and maritime services, offshore construction and maintenance, and specialized vessels.

From its establishment as a service company, Cotemar has been constantly evolving and expanding. In general, Cotemar’s services include construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering. It also performs the development and rehabilitation of platforms on offshore facilities. Additionally, the company offers offshore accommodation and catering. With its specialized vessels, Cotemar provides transportation of personnel, supplies, and materials. Cotemar’s rigs provide high-quality accommodation services that are customized to the needs of each client. For over 35 years, Cotemar has grown both its fleet and market presence.

Despite its ever-growing capabilities and advancements, Cotemar remains faithful to the core principles that make it an outstanding leader. Cotemar lives its own institutional values of integrity, reliability, humility, and innovation. Cotemar works in an honest and ethical manner while holding itself accountable for outcomes and promises. This company cherishes mutual respect and teamwork as the foundations for success. Cotemar proudly fosters creativity and challenges boundaries in order to improve options available.

Cotemar’s production is based on efficient processes, implemented with industry-leading technology and success-driven people. Cotemar promotes opportunities and seeks to recruit talented workers. With over 8,000 expert employees, Cotemar puts innovative work methods into practice while securing the welfare of its staff. The team works together towards the mission of Cotemar, which is to offer products and services to the oil industry while satisfying standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, and effectiveness while relying on efficient processes, state of the art technology, institutional values, and people committed to development. Cotemar counts on its skilled employees to ensure a business model of exceptional performance.

Cotemar is committed to sustainability and adheres to the highest standards. The company’s leadership is engaged with social responsibility and has received awards for its dedication to the welfare of its employees, care for the environment, and community outreach. Cotemar goes beyond compliance with regulations and supports efforts to help keep the environment safe, on land and offshore.

For all its existence, Cotemar Mexico has exceeded expectations. The company’s main objectives include staying within budget, assuring quality and safety, respecting the environment, and earning the trust of all its stakeholders. Cotemar follows amazing practices that have led to continuous progress and innovation.

Reference: http://proveedores.cotemar.com.mx/

Thor Halvorssen was born in the country of Venezuela and has lived through some of the most difficult times in the history of the country, which have included the rise of socialist leader Hugo Chavez and those who have followed him into power. The Halvorssen family have played a major role in the leadership of a number of different countries, including Venezuela and Norway, but have faced many issues in Venezuela following the rise of a socialist government family members like Thor believes has been stripping human rights from the people of the nation.

For Thor Halvorssen the problems his family has faced in being persecuted for their political beliefs in Venezuela have led to his continued work in this area of activism. In 2005, Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York to directly take on some of the most famous dictators in the world, and followed this with the 2009 creation of the Oslo Freedom Forum; almost every major activist, political journalist, and many political figures now see the Oslo Freedom Forum as an unmissable event each year. 

 The creation of the Oslo Freedom Forum is just the latest example of how Thor Halvorssen is willing to look for non conventional ways of exploring the best options in improving the results obtained by activists. In changing the way we all look at the issue of human rights Thor Halvorssen has ruffled the feathers of more traditional members of the community, but his results cannot be argued with in terms of political prisoners freed. A number of celebrities have begun attending the annual Oslo Freedom Forum event, which has been compared to the TED Talks series of lectures for the response they have received; Thor Halvorssen understands the nature of the media industry and knows linking activists and campaigners with celebrities can be a good step in raising the awareness of human rights issues in the 21st century.

Nowadays, online reputation management is extremely important for everyone. It is imperative that you know what Internet users are saying about you or your brand. A great reputation will definitely help you become successful in your ventures.

Every business person, organization leader or professional should be fully aware of the pitfalls of online activity, and how malicious others can be towards you. If someone posts a defamatory or damaging content about you or your company, you will suffer serious damage to your reputation. That’s why brand management is so relevant – to assure that you do not lose leads, customers, even friends – for non-business reasons.

A growing trend in marketing in these times is to respond to damaging criticism as soon as it’s posted. You do not want to leave such feedback or negative reviews on the Internet, because other people browsing the web will think that your company deserves the negative review. And there are several ways to address such issues appropriately.

It is advised to have a great team of reputation management professionals to advise and provide you with reliable service. You need a team of experts who can create quality content and also utilize search engine optimization techniques to suppress unwanted or negative content and reviews while pushing up positive, favorable reviews in search results pages.

A reputable team of online reputation monitoring and managing experts utilizes state-of-the-art technology. They also assign a qualified professional to collaborate with each client in order to improve their online presence and eliminate or suppress any unfavorable posts that might previously exist.

They will present you with various reputation management packages they offer, and you will choose the one that meets your needs. When you do your research, and find a company you think will be able to render the solutions you need, have a look at their website, and then get in touch with them for more information.

So select a reputation management firm with a team of highly recommended reputation management experts. It is absolutely essential for you to check out their website, then contact them for an appointment to review your circumstance.




Gooee Smart Lighting can make a huge difference in your home or your apartment. You will see a huge difference in the way the lighting looks when you get the Gooee Smart Lighting looks. It will make the place look fantastic.


Why Is The Gooee Smart Lighting So Great?


It is meant for homeowners, and apartment dwellers to make a home look warm and inviting. It gives off plenty of light, and makes for cozy days and nights. People that have these lights always tell others about them, because they like them so much.


Make Sure That You Ask For Gooee Smart Lighting For A Gift At The Holidays Or For A Birthday


Tell people that you want the Gooee Smart Lighting for your holiday or birthday. They will be interested, and most likely want to get you something that you want and need. The Gooee Smart Lighting makes a wonderful gift, that you can use, and that will look fantastic.


Gooee Smart Lighting is a wonderful way to bring a lot of atmosphere to a home or apartment. It will give it the look that you have been waiting for. Then, you can have a home or apartment the way that you wanted it to always look. You will be very proud of it..


Make-up routines everywhere were uprooted and re-imagined when an innovative beauty industry start-up offered their latest answer to a predictable industry unchanged and unmoved for 100 years.

EOS – born seven years ago, Evolution of Smooth – is the brainchild of experienced corporate strategist Sanjiv Mehra and start-up consultants Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. They were determined to change the buying experiences of an age old oral hygiene staple in the lip care industry.

Further upsetting an unchanged and unchallenged industry, EOS lip balm offered a different user experience with its ‘orb’ – a round, oval casing concealing a unique and appealing alternative to the tired cylindrical tubes competing in a market based on lower costs and lower prices. Not only did EOS bring a colorful collection, they also brought flavors unheard of elsewhere.

Thus, consumers embraced the new concept, and after heavy marketing based on sponsorship and product testing, EOS exploded into the old market; dominated by heavy hitters such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. Long before getting the products on the shelves of Walgreens – veteran Sanjiv Mehra knew they had a good thing.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, EOS was no doubt amused by the introduction of knock-off product attempts of corporate giants such as Sephora Beauty who understood the appeal and saw the fast climbing sales as EOS launched its campaigns around the world.

In an exclusive interview with Fastcompany.com, Sanjiv Mehra opened the doors to EOS, how it got started, and why there was so little upfront information as the product gained traction in the well-established industry.

Despite a deliberate lack of transparency, EOS was a number one contender, rising to the top with customized campaigns that combined matching KEDS shoes to a flavor/clor and Alice in Wonderland themed sets. This strategy proved to be the right move for them and catapulted EOS to the number 2 spot in record time.


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The number of illnesses that are lurking around the planet are much greater than the cures that can actually stop them. However, according to Dherbs.com, you are going to be safe from infectious diseases and bacteria once you start cleansing your body.


What are Dherbs.com Cleanses?


In contrast to what people may initially think after hearing the word ‘cleansing’, it does not refer to the use of sage or other natural stuff that shamans light up to clear bad spirits or bad luck off of a person. Upon visiting the Dherbs.com website, we have found out that the company has a total of 24 supplements which are available for men, women, and children. Such cleanses are meant to bring longevity back to nerves and specific internal organs, lose weight, increase sexual drive, and strengthen the immune system.


These are herbal remedies in liquid or capsule forms. Every cleansing process can take less than a month as a whole, although the duration still depends on what part of your own anatomy you wish to make healthier. If you are aiming to cleanse your blood, colon, heart, liver and kidney, for instance, you only have to ingest the supplements within 10 days. However, to revitalize your nervous, circulatory, respiratory, or reproductive systems, 20 days should be allotted for them.


What is the Most Popular Cleanse Right Now?


We went on Dherbs’s Facebook account as well, and there are a lot of positive reviews that they have received from the consumers. The product that most of the individuals are singing praises to – and is what seems to be the most appealing – is the Full Body Cleanse which, as the name suggests, can target all the important points of the body and escalate someone’s vitality in no time.


The description on Dherbs.com states that this is going to make you release excess fats and obtain more energy, to be specific, in 20 days. This claim appears to be true for a lot of consumers because a good portion of them have left feedback on the social networking site and talked about how they have lose over 10 pounds each due to this.